10 Best Jobs for the Travel Junkie


Whether you love to travel, or you just can’t stand to stay in one place for too long, getting a job that has traveling as part of the agenda is a great option. Getting paid to move around is a dream for many people, but it could be a reality for you if you start working in any of these positions.

  1. Archaeologist

Digging up old fossils and bones requires travel all over the world. You’ll spend a couple of months in one area, exploring the sights and digging for treasures, and then move to another for more adventures.

  1. Hair Dressing

Those studying to be a hairdresser often go on apprenticeships where they learn about hair styling from worldwide professionals. After graduating the academy, it’s also possible to travel to different locations to offer your services as a freelancer.

  1. Travel Writing

This job is all about going on vacations and then writing about what you see. You can get paid big money for simply blogging about a trip.

  1. Nanny

Families all over the world are looking for professional live-in babysitters to watch their kids and perform simple household chores while they go to work. It usually comes with room and board plus a weekly income. You can find a position almost anywhere.

  1. Bartender/Server

Bars, nightclubs, and restaurants are often looking for great bartenders. The great thing about tending bar is you don’t have to be fluent in the language to make drinks. You just need to memorize the recipes and know some simple phrases in the local language, and you can go anywhere.

  1. Tour Guide

Have you dedicated your life to studying history and facts about different locations around the world? Now you can use that knowledge to do guided tours at your favorite historical locations. Speaking multiple languages is extremely useful for this job so you can do more tours.Fitness Instructor

  1. Fitness Instructor

Some fitness instructors travel to different vacation spots to offer their services to resorts, cruise ships, hotels, and other venues. You’ll teach classes on things like Zumba, Pilates, yoga, dance, and other fitness courses.

  1. English Teacher

Countries all over the world hire fluent English speakers to visit their country for a few months and teach basic English lessons to the country’s residents. This is a particularly popular option in China.

  1. Massage Therapist

There’s a high demand for massage therapists around the world. There are different techniques for every part of the world you’re in, and travel resorts, cruise ships, and clinics are always accepting freelancers to offer massage therapy around the world.

  1. Cruise Ship Attendant

There are a variety of jobs on cruise ships, including servers, aestheticians, massage therapists, fitness instructors, chefs, and more. You’ll hit the wide open seas and see the world while at work.

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