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Tips For Traveling With Coworkers


Work travel can sometimes be fun and it can sometimes be tedious. Sometimes when you travel for work you don’t have the luxury of going alone and need to also learn to deal with your teammates on the trip. Not

10 Best Jobs for the Travel Junkie


Whether you love to travel, or you just can’t stand to stay in one place for too long, getting a job that has traveling as part of the agenda is a great option. Getting paid to move around is a

What Does Sailing Around the World On A Yacht Really Look Like?


How many days does it take to travel around the world by yacht? Well, that’s a question of which the answer is left entirely up to the winds of the whim of whatever the owner wants to do in any

3 Ways To Deal With A Cold While Traveling

Dealing With colds

While traveling around the world opens you up to experiencing various different cultures, it also opens you up to getting sick from various different cultures as well. Your body is used to the germs you have in your normal areas,

The Safe Way Around!

Germany trip

This incident happened a couple of years ago. I was backpacking across Germany with a friend. A very close friend if you know what I mean. Her name was Karen. We enjoyed our journey. No previous planning, everything was spontaneous.

Sightseeing On Foot: 3 Tips For Travelers

sighseeing india

When visiting a new city on vacation, there are many different ways to experience the sights and sounds. You can take a guided tour via bus, listen to a prerecorded guide at museums, or rent a car and explore independently.

Things You Need If You’re Going to Hunt Cross Country


Hunting is a sport that many people across the world enjoy, but sometimes the geography on which you live doesn’t allow for you to do it as often as you like. You might live in a city, you might live

3 Relaxing Ways to Spend Your Downtime While Traveling


Traveling is a very stressful thing for many people. From planning, packing and getting from here to there, the sheer amount of organization and thought can physically, mentally and emotionally drain anyone. Because of this, it’s important that you find

Getting Your Pre-Travel Checklist Settled

all packed

The best way to start any sort of trip, vacation, journey, or moving excursion can be summed up in one adverb – smoothly. Everything needs to move logically from point A to point B – and smoothly. And the key

Enjoying the long haul

Long Haul Travel

No matter how great the destination is likely to be, a long-haul flight or bus journey can feel like a protracted and painful affair. The expectation of how we will feel when arriving ready for surfing in the sunny climes