4 Spots in Arizona worth driving to

Grand canyon

 1. Grand Canyon
Of course you knew it before you opened it, but the reason so many people choose to drive and see this place is because of it’s natural beauty. Without a doubt, there is so much you can do during your time at the Grand Canyon from Native American Spirit Tours, hiking, and seeing all of the amazing wildlife that is right there. If you’re not too afraid of heights, getting on a helicopter to see the Canyon from above is a must. With all of the options that are available for you in the Grand Canyon, it is a no brainer to drive there, even if it’s just for the day.
Antelope Canyon2. Antelope Canyon
Located on Navajo just 30 miles away from the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon is a beautiful slot canyon that is surreal. Popular with photographers, this canyon engulfs you on all sides with its smooth sandstone. However, the site is restricted to only those on tours with authorized tour guides. With light bouncing off all of the canyon walls, one feels caught up in the beauty and immenseness of it all. This canyon will humble you and truly make you appreciate the beauty that this Earth gives us, and one you all should visit.
Horseshoe bend3. Horseshoe Bend
Located in the same area as Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend is an absolutely breathtaking bend in the Colorado River. Getting there requires taking US Route 89 and then having a short .75 mile hike to get to the overlook (If you don’t live in Arizona it’s super easy to Avis Rental Car Coupons). 300 meters above the river the overlook gives you a beautiful panoramic view. If you are a hiker, you can continue on trails around the bend and enjoy the beauty. If you fancy yourself a geologist, the walls of Horseshoe Bend contain hematite, platinum and even garnets. For those interested in seeing the bend from the river, you can even get boats from the Grand Canyon all the way to the bend.
Glen Canyon National Recreation Area4. Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
The final spot on my list is the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. This area is home to Lake Powell, one of the world’s largest man-made lakes. Here, you can fish, swim and even rents powerboats, jet skis, and kayaks. If the water isn’t really your speed, there is also a beautiful 18 hole golf course on the Mesa overlooking the lake from above. The dramatic stone walls viewed from the water are profoundly beautiful and are like no other. In certain parts of the recreation area, you can even repel down those rock walls and into a slot canyon, much like Antelope Canyon! To me, it’s a no brainier to go here simply because it offers so much. As someone who is passionate about traveling and the experiences it brings, having one place with so many pastimes focused on nature, it is a must.

Whether you’re looking for river tours, canyon repelling or just appreciating the natural beauty, Arizona has many wonderful locations to see. Just rent a car with your Avis Car Rental Coupons, and go.

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