5 reasons to visit Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv is one of the best destinations for a sunny, beach holiday to the Mediterranean. Whereas everywhere else, rainy weather hasn’t yet left forecasts, Israel is already enjoying the sun and the warmest weather in the Mediterranean. Tel Aviv has a lot to offer but I’ve discovered I liked it best because of the warm sandy beaches and convenient access to them. Still, there are many things to do for every age, family style and interest.So jump over and check out the flights to Isreal, and here are some of my recommendations.Sandy Beach dead sea

  1.  Sandy beaches, long coastline, blue water. The coastline in Tel Aviv extends alongside the whole city and it comes in a more than generous size, never giving you a headache in finding a good spot for you and your family or friends. The sand is magnificent and the water is very welcoming with generally good temperatures and plenty of beautiful waves. I loved spending time there and trying new spots each day. You have to take advantage and cover as much of the beach as you can. I always seemed to stumble upon a great terrace or great view, along my wanders.
  2. Food. If you’re a foodie like me than you are going to love Tel Aviv. You cannot go wrong with the restaurants along the coastline getting the full experience with great food and magnificent view. The Tel Aviv promenade, a.k.a. Tayelet, is the best place to start.
  3. Delicious market. I know, it is still food, but this time among the locals and getting a taste for the day to day pulse of the city. The Carmel market offers a full sensory experience. The fruits, spices, local foods and freshly squeezed juices will instantly delight you, I am sure of it.
  4. Always new, always open for fun. Tel Aviv is well known for its lively spirit. The city does not tame its taste for parties and you are always bound to find a great place to take part of them. Explore this side of Tel Aviv as well and make your vacation an all-round experience.
  5. Street wandering. Tel Aviv is a vivid city, it can offer you a lot, if you let it. Starting with the Jaffa Flea market and wandering without any direction really around the Tel Aviv streets, was one of the best experiences there. I love discovering a place, by pealing it of touristic attractions. Observing the buzz and wanders of the locals is an unique and authentic way to take in and really immerse yourself in a place and culture. Beach Dead sea

You can find out a lot about a country just by going to a store a shopping for groceries. It will definitely expand your perspectives and maybe even provide you with some good stories to share with friends when you go back home.
This is surely a destination you should add to your bucket list. Start searching flights to Tel Aviv and — how would your next vacation look there. I recommend EL AL airline, having used it with great success many times. Download the app, https://www.elal.com/en/PassengersInfo/Useful-Info/Pages/ELAL-App.aspx, it makes your life much easier.

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