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My Visit to Papua New Guinea


I escaped my routine back home for some adventure in Papua New Guinea, immediately after landing at the Jackson International Airport in the heart of the capital city Port Moresby, I was determined to have much fun with the limited

The Budget Conundrum; Palawan Philippines


I’m going to upfront and honest with you. I love to travel but unlike many of the other travel bloggers out there, I’m not that well off. What do I mean by that? I mean that I manage well financially

The Fiji Experience


A number of you will know me as the guy who plans budget holidays. Well that is exactly who I am. I have been planning a number of holidays for a while now but none seemed to materialize till recently.

My trip to Sri Lanka


After spending 3 days on the beaches of Colombo, Sri Lanka, I took the local train from Colombo Fort Railway Station to Radella. The train took a route through rural photogenic landscapes, filled with green tropical vegetation. The train was