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The Safe Way Around!

Germany trip

This incident happened a couple of years ago. I was backpacking across Germany with a friend. A very close friend if you know what I mean. Her name was Karen. We enjoyed our journey. No previous planning, everything was spontaneous.

A Hannover Christmas Holiday

Hannover Christmas Market

The thought of a holiday makes many people want to kick off their shoes and take a rest. That however is something that doesn’t come naturally to me. For me the approach of the holidays is greeted with a lot

All Is Well That Ends Well!

London Tower Bridge

I’ve been traveling so much of late that I don’t think that I’ve been home for the past six months. My family has certainly been counting the months that have passed by. Me? I don’t count days or months. In

Tips For Getting Around London

Traveling London

Getting around London can be a daunting task for some and not everyone feels comfortable riding public transport with other travellers. This is the main reason why the taxi business in London continues to boom with every passing year. Different

The Cornwall Challenge

Beautiful view Cornwall

Adventure is something that attracts us to it like a fire attracts a moth. True there are some people who shy away from it, but then there are people like me who love it. I love the feeling of my

The Campsite Adventures

Camping setup

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. I love to go camping. It’s my favorite kind of adventure. My love for camping started when I was a little boy. My Dad took me for a camping trip


Finland Sunset

I happened to be in Finland during the time of the Midsummer celebration which is perceived as the longest day of the year, well being among the Finnish people when they commemorated this traditional event left lasting memories in my