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A Dangerous Expedition to Venezuela


A new destination and a new trip to look forward to. After numerous trips to locations with beaches and seas, I decided that it was time to try something different. Like always, this trip needed to be budget friendly. It

La Paz Bolivia: A novel experience!


Out with the old and in with the new… It is time to start a new list of new destinations and a lot of new things to do. My old list is weary and quite frankly tattered and torn. It

A Journey Of A Lifetime To Suriname


Going on a budget friendly trip means that you need to continuously need to be on the look out for new places. Most famous places have become real big tourist attractions. The more tourists that visit the place means the

Easter Island, At Last!


It’s time to travel again. This time the wallet has just begun to fill up again and I am itching to check out a new destination. But what will the new destination be? I want it to be something exotic