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The 7 Best Things to Try in Any New Location

things to try when you travel

If you’re a frequent traveler (or if you ever plan to be one), you should have a checklist for things to try at every new location you visit. This checklist will have various categories of items and experiences for you

Tips For Stress-Free International Travel

International travel

When you ask someone what their biggest concerns are about international travel, it’s usually more about the organizational stress than anything else you might expect.  Traveling across the world is no cheap affair.  One wrong step could result in your

How to plan an awesome family reunion


Getting together with family you haven’t seen in ages is always an exciting (and let’s be honest, slightly daunting!) prospect. Doing so in a beautiful location where there’s enough room for everyone to have a bit of personal space makes

Which is the easy way to move when you are abroad?


There are many travelers in the world that usually get trips and go to the discovery of new cities: a widespread phenomenon to the point that it becomes very important try to understand which is the transport most used by

How to Prepare for Your First Trip to Goa

Goa Beach Glasses

Goa is a state in the western part of India that borders the Arabian Sea. It’s known for its warm weather, beautiful people and vibrant nightlife, which makes it one of the prime destinations in India for tourists. If you’re

5 reasons to visit Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv is one of the best destinations for a sunny, beach holiday to the Mediterranean. Whereas everywhere else, rainy weather hasn’t yet left forecasts, Israel is already enjoying the sun and the warmest weather in the Mediterranean. Tel Aviv

How to Remain On A Keto Diet While Travelling

Los Angeles Trip

I travel a lot! I’m not bragging just stating a fact. I’ve set my whole life up to be a world traveler while telling stories. Being a travel blogger can be stressful at times, busy all the time but I’ll

How to Always Look Good When You Travel

look good traveling

Traveling can take a lot out of you. From hopping to connecting flights to trudging through the woods and everything in between it is hard to always look your best when you travel. Without being able to carry much luggage

Awesome Photo’s with the Help of Fotor

Fotor Photo Editing

Fotor is a popular photo editing software that opens up huge possibilities when it comes to the wide array of custom editing that gives your pictures that extra ‘Zing’. This software or application is greatly appreciated by us bloggers, who

Getting Rid of Your Leftover Currency

Leftover Currency

Travelling is one of the most rejuvenating and lively things you can do on this planet. I believe everyone should travel around the world at least once in their lifetime to see different amazing and spell bounding structures, animals, beauty