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Different Kinds of Lodges Available for Luxury Safari in Tanzania


Types of Lodges 4 Seasons Serengeti (Serengeti Park) The Four Seasons is located within the Serengeti National Park. A stay in this lodge would mean enjoying luxuriant service, as well as, a panoramic view of the landscape. Along with many

4 Reasons To Buy Travel Insurance


All of us have seen the small box at the end of a travel purchase that asks, “Would you like to add travel insurance?”  So many of us are quick to dismiss this as simply another advertisement being shoved in

The Best Holiday Destinations in September

Louvre Paris

There is little you can do about that feeling that you get in September when the realization sets in that summer has gone. The fall is a nice season, the colors change, the cooler nights set it and the landscape

The Best Clothing Items to Take Traveling Despite the Destination

Fashion Packing

Travel brings with it a laundry list of questions that need to be answered and to-do lists of things that need to be checked off. It can be a bit overwhelming to make sure that you have everything you need

How To Have A Successful Business Trip No Matter Where You’re Going

bussiness meeting

What constitutes a successful business trip may differ between different people. Making a big sale on a trip could be a success to one person, while having enough time to visit an interesting landmark could be a success to another

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling

Healthy While Traveling

Vacation is a much-needed time to experience new cultures, relax, and relieve stress. You may feel as if your healthy lifestyle could use a break too while you’re traveling, but being too lenient could take a major toll on your

Tips For Traveling With Coworkers


Work travel can sometimes be fun and it can sometimes be tedious. Sometimes when you travel for work you don’t have the luxury of going alone and need to also learn to deal with your teammates on the trip. Not

10 Best Jobs for the Travel Junkie


Whether you love to travel, or you just can’t stand to stay in one place for too long, getting a job that has traveling as part of the agenda is a great option. Getting paid to move around is a

What Does Sailing Around the World On A Yacht Really Look Like?


How many days does it take to travel around the world by yacht? Well, that’s a question of which the answer is left entirely up to the winds of the whim of whatever the owner wants to do in any

3 Ways To Deal With A Cold While Traveling

Dealing With colds

While traveling around the world opens you up to experiencing various different cultures, it also opens you up to getting sick from various different cultures as well. Your body is used to the germs you have in your normal areas,