Hidden Utah Gems You Want To Visit

utah arch at night

Every single US state is promoted as offering many different experiences but Utah is the one that can actually deliver on the promise. One thing that few know about Utah is that there are 3 geographic regions, many climates and biomes, 4 seasons and thousands of human history all piled up into this state.

While most tourists think about the national parks and cabin rentals in Utah, if you are interested in something lesser-known, you can consider a visit to the following incredible hidden locations. These are actually some of those that could be mentioned.

Bonneville Seabase – Grantsville

This is a really interesting natural inland sea located close to Great Salt Lake’s southern point. Lake Bonneville has a salty bed. Spring water goes through it as it rises so the result is similar salinity to what you find in the ocean. This creates an environment that is perfect for some ocean fish species. Tourists can enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling in a destination that is actually 600 miles away from the ocean coast.

Keep in mind that reservations are recommended and if you need snorkel or scuba gear, it can be rented on site.

utau archHomestead Crater – Midway

This is a stunning geothermal spring with a depth of 55 feet. It is also the only scuba diving destination with warm water in the entire continental US. Reservations will be required but the location is not so well-known. If you just want to soak in the crater you will need to pay $16. If you want to snorkel, the equipment is $5. Homestead Crater is located at 700 Homestead Drive, Midway, UT 84049.

Fifth Water Hot Springs – Spanish Fork

This natural spring gives you soaking as a reward for a 2.3 mile hike, right up the scenic Diamond Fork Canyon, with a gain of 700 feet. There are 3 waterfalls that wait for you besides the hot springs and is conveniently located between Wasatch Front and Moab. The hike is of a moderate difficulty and covers 5 miles for a round trip. Fifth Water Hot Springs is located on Diamond Fork Road. You can access the trailhead through the Three Forks parking area.

House On Fire – Close To Blanding

This is quite popular as a travel destination and easy to access through the Cedar Mesa Ancestral Puebloan ruins. We are looking at a remote area with a short and flat available hike. You just cover 3 miles for a round trip. You want to consider visiting during spring, winter or autumn and you can even take your dog with you as this is allowed. Head on over to House on Fire from the Mule Canyon South Form, the Bears Ears National Monument.

Cascade Springs – Close To Midway

Cascade springsPicture yourself in mountain forests, surrounded by spring water (crystal clear, of course) flowing through terraced pools. This is exactly what Cascade Springs is like, with natural beauty being visible wherever you like. The natural springs and waterfalls have paved walking paths looping all throughout the area. Most people that visit are interested in nature trips, walking, birding and hiking. You want to visit between May and October, with dogs allowed but having to be on a leash. Cascade Springs is located in Wasatch Range in Uinta National Forest.

Parowan Gap Petroglyphs – Parowan

If you are interested in history, the walls here feature a collection that is a thousand years old. Also, you can walk, park and ponder around signs made that civilizations long forgotten that were present in the Utah area.

Singing Canyon – Boulder

No matter how much money you spend on electronics, nothing really compares with what Nature is capable of offering. Singing Canyon is proof of that. You just need to hike for a few minutes right off the Burr Trail Road. You stop and are instantly delighted by out-of-this-world acoustics. You want to visit during spring, winter or autumn and you get there from Boulder. Free parking is available but space will be limited. Be sure that you choose your time carefully when traveling by car.

Valley Of The Gods – Mexican Hat

While Mount Olympus is the preferred location for Greek Gods, those gods that are around Utah love the valley. You may find yourself visiting the House on Fire region. If so, why not also stop at the mini-Monument Valley that is so close-by. You may want to know that there is a wonderful hot air balloon festival that is held every single year. Visit during it for even more interesting experiences.

Gilgal Sculpture Garden – Salt Lake City

While most of the incredible locations mentioned above are not well-known because of being located in a remote part of the state, the Gilgal Sculpture Garden actually hides right in the middle of the most popular city in Utah. Thomas Child, Jr., a Mormon, created these mystical and personal sculptures. They are connected with Mormon theology but can easily be interpreted based on whatever you may see fit. Most people preferred the sphinx featuring Joseph Smith’s head but there are many others that you are going to be stunned by. When in Salt Lake City, head on to 749 East 500 South to visit this garden.

As you can easily see, Utah is a destination that can easily surprise you. There are so many interesting options that you can consider as a tourist, with those above being only some of the numerous gems that you can easily find.




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