How to maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling

Healthy While Traveling

Vacation is a much-needed time to experience new cultures, relax, and relieve stress. You may feel as if your healthy lifestyle could use a break too while you’re traveling, but being too lenient could take a major toll on your health. Making sure that you find easy ways to stay hydrated, get exercise, and eat a somewhat balanced diet are key. Here are a few tips for maintaining a healthy balance, all while still enjoying your carefree vacation.

Don’t skip the restaurants, but make better choices

There’s no need to deprive yourself of the experiences included in eating out while on vacation, just be conscientious of your meal choices while you’re out. According to a few ways to stay disciplined while eating out are ordering half-sized portions, sharing entrees, and ordering appetizers as meals.

Most restaurants will also let you customize your meal. If your meal is served with rice or bread, try opting for a healthier version such as whole wheat bread or brown rice. These may not seem like huge alterations to your meal, but will pay off at the end of your vacation when you’re still able to fit into your clothes comfortably.

Drink Plenty of fluidsKeep an eye on your fluid intake

It’s often easy to spend an entire day (or two) sipping Pina Coladas by the pool with little to no thought of drinking anything else, but this could be very dangerous. Not only does alcohol contain a high amount of calories, but it also dehydrates your body and is often mixed with loads of sugary ingredients.

Thirst is not the only indicator of hydration status, meaning that you could be in desperate need of water and not know it. Maintaining water intake is one of the health and diet rules that you shouldn’t break; so be sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day, even if it’s just between your Mai Tais.

Exercise as often as possible

Exercising while on vacation doesn’t necessarily mean finding the hotel gym and following your at-home routine, be creative and find fun, new ways to work your muscles while you’re traveling. Opting for a walk to town rather than a taxi will not only save money and burn calories, but may lead to unexpected discoveries in the place you’re exploring.

Other great ways to burn calories and stay active while on vacation are taking advantage of the hotel pool, taking a stroll after dinner to enjoy the night sky in a new city, or taking a hike to see the land from a new vantage point.

Staying healthy while on vacation doesn’t have to feel like a punishment, and can be done in fun, creative ways. You’ll be thanking yourself as soon as you get home and are able to step right back into your favorite jeans and usual healthy routines.

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