How to plan an awesome family reunion


Getting together with family you haven’t seen in ages is always an exciting (and let’s be honest, slightly daunting!) prospect. Doing so in a beautiful location where there’s enough room for everyone to have a bit of personal space makes the whole experience that much more special. Here are some aspects to consider,and a couple of helpful tips for planning an amazing family reunion.

Are there kids involved?

While they might still be too young to really appreciate it, having activities and amenities for the youngsters make it easier for the parents and grown-ups too, so this is an important thing to consider. Wherever possible, make sure there are babysitting facilities on offer so worn-out parents can get a chance to wind down and relax for a bit with the other adult members of the family. If there will be lots of kids, then planning the whole reunion around a trip to Disneyland or an exciting African safari where the youngsters will get to see animals they’ve only ever experienced through movies or TV can also be a great idea to consider.

If you’re traveling with teenagers, then accept the fact that they’re going to want and need a bit of space to themselves. Having a few activities on hand that they can take part in on their own or get away from the crowd for a bit will actually make them more likely to join in during other activities!

Family FunWhen to go?

If everyone lives in the same hemisphere, then meeting up somewhere you can all escape bad weather back home makes a lot of sense. Otherwise, having everyone make suggestions and taking a vote might be the only way to come to a consensus! Of course, if you’re up for a bit of an adventure -such as introducing the kids to skiing or snowboarding- then it might just be bad weather you’d like to be chasing! If the budget is a major concern, then choosing a destination that’s just as nice out of season, but a heck of a lot cheaper, is easier than it might sound. When in doubt, heading for equatorial countries where the weather is pretty stable all year round is a good general pointer, as it won’t really matter what time of year you’re all free to meet up!

Where to stay?

Hotels, resorts and lodges can often be prohibitively expensive when you’re traveling in a large group. Renting out a villa or holiday home where everyone can chip in and share expenses is great way of finding accommodation for the whole family that’s affordable but still new and exciting. As they tend to be self-catering, there will be loads of opportunity to cook up and enjoy all those traditional family meals that stir up fond memories of childhood too!

Family ReunionLearn to delegate!

Every family seems to have that character that ends up being in charge of all organizational activities. In fact, if you’re reading this article – it’s almost certainly you! Try to remember that your wishes count too, and make sure there are at least a few activities that you’ll really enjoy as well. Delegating tasks and putting people in charge of different jobs, such as doing the grocery shopping, arranging transport, helping with the kids etc. means everyone ends up with more free time at the end of the day.

Don’t try and do too much

If it’s been simply ages since you last saw each other, it can be tempting to try and squeeze every possible activity into the limited time you have available, as you might not have another chance for years. Take the time to step back a little, and you’ll see that just having everyone together is the really important thing. Creating new memories is great, and by all means plan quite a few to keep everyone entertained, but just being together to chat and reminisce on times gone by is just as important. This is especially true if you have older relatives, so make sure to take this into consideration. Planning a strict itinerary probably isn’t the right way to go.

Reign in the budget

If there’s one thing every traveler has experience of, no matter how well you plan ahead, there are virtually always unexpected costs that spring up. Try and work below your budget wherever possible, so you’ll still have extra cash available for those activities the kids just have to take part in, the unplanned stop at a fancy restaurant, or whatever comes your way!







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