How to Remain On A Keto Diet While Travelling

Los Angeles Trip

I travel a lot!

I’m not bragging just stating a fact. I’ve set my whole life up to be a world traveler while telling stories. Being a travel blogger can be stressful at times, busy all the time but I’ll be honest it’s a pretty sweet gig.

Recently while traveling to Los Angeles, I was walking through LAX Airport looking around at all the places to eat I started to wonder about how I stay strict on a the diet I’m on. Temptations are everywhere & convenience always sticks its ugly head out to throw you off your diet. In the past while traveling to Los Angeles, I had taken advantage of freshology, a meal delivery service that concentrates on real food, but this time around I found an even better option that fits in perfectly with my Keto Diet (Muscleupmeals).

For the times that I am not traveling through LA I have decided to write up a post to observe my travel rituals when it comes to my diet & share some my experiences.

The Diet

Being on a Keto (Ketogenic) Diet, I do have options but still have to watch what I’m eating while traveling. A Keto Diet is a low carb diet, where the body produces ketones in the liver to be used as
energy. I try to stay away from refined carbohydrates like wheat, starchy foods or fruit. There are some exceptions to the fruit rule as long as I’m eating in moderation. Personally, it’s a
challenge but with by taking the proper steps it can be done.

Whether you’re on vacation or a business trip sticking to a diet while traveling is one thing but eating that way while staying is another. I’ll provide some tip & tricks to that help you remain
living a Keto lifestyle.

Make A Plan

Most people out there, and I’m no different, are so precise when planning their vacations. They know all the details along the way. If you’re like me nothing is taken for granted. I know the Flights plans from departures to what airline. I know if I’m renting a vehicle or not. If I do I know which model & for how I’ll need for. And most importantly, the places I’m staying while I’m there. I’m a meticulous planner making sure everything is taken care of. However, no body ever plans out their diets through their trips.

Planning your day-to-day diet will put you on the path of success. If you’re at home you have a day-to-day diet plan so why not have one when your traveling. It’s a simple thing yet it’s something
we never think of dong & before we know it we’ve thrown our diets out due to nothing more than poor planning.


Every plan is only as good as the preparation you do. Preparation in anything always goes a long way in how you successful you are in anything. When it comes to your diet, I’ve always found it comes down preparing for three phases:

Fritatta1. While Traveling

This all depends on how far you’re going & how you’re getting there but you can bring along nuts or a healthy trail mix. Or you can even pre-make a meal that can last a few hours like a fritatta.
Regardless, as long as you can have the answers for your hunger problem your waist line will thank you.

2. Where You Stay

This is always part of your traveling plan but most of us think of places to stay in terms of budget. But, this is an important phase of travelling that thought of with your diet. Will you stay in a Hotel or an Apartment?

I, myself, prefer to go the Airbnb route unless I’m writing a review on a particular Hotel. I like the ‘homey’ that renting an apartment has. It already has a kitchen & I can find local
markets to buy fresh food that will help me maintain my Keto Diet. I can cook my own meals & pre-make what I have to while seeing what the city has to offer.

If I’m writing a review on a Hotel, I always make sure I get a room that has a kitchenette. Most Hotel’s have such rooms and don’t charge you that much more than a regular room. By knowing
exactly where you’re staying & knowing what option you have will make staying on your diet a lot stress-less.

3. While You’re There

This is probably the largest obstacle one faces while traveling & on a diet. For some reason we put ourselves in the mindset of not being home therefore we shouldn’t plan out our meals. At the
beginning of my career I fell into this mindset. Until that one day I looked in the mirror & wondered what went wrong.

It came down to planning my daily meals. I purposely chose what nights I was going to cook & what nights I would eat out. Of the nights I was going out, I made sure I researched the restaurants I
was going to & what they had on their menu that I could eat. By making that simple shift, I found that I was happier with both my waist & my wallet.

Traveling doesn’t have to a time in your calendar where you’re exempt from your diet. It’s all about setting yourself up for success & having strategies in place that will help you be successful. A traveling lifestyle can be a great fun it only becomes a greater time when you know your health is taken care of. Maintaining your Keto Diet throughout will help you to have a better time while on the road.

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