The Best Clothing Items to Take Traveling Despite the Destination

Fashion Packing

Travel brings with it a laundry list of questions that need to be answered and to-do lists of things that need to be checked off. It can be a bit overwhelming to make sure that you have everything you need to help you live in a place that you’ve likely never been before. Before you set off on your travels you also have to make sure that everything is attended to while you’re gone.

The house needs sitting, the dog needs fed, the cat needs love and attention at random hours during the day, and you’re not going to be around to do any of it. This means you have to find a person to complete all the tasks for you while you’re gone, and that’s just another thing to add to the list. To make some of your to-do list easier to accomplish, here is a helpful guide that will advise you on the best clothing items to take on your travels despite the destination:

Layerable Tops

Perhaps you’re visiting the sunny beaches of California; perhaps you’re spending the weekend in the chilly Scottish hills. You might even be spending some time in the often unbearably hot and humid climate of Eastern Asia. No matter the destination, you will want to bring tops that are able to be added to an ensemble, or taken off just as easily that will either add warmth when combined with your other layers or will add a layer of protection from the sun and the bugs that surround you.

Packing LayersYou often see in hot countries that people are running around fully covered from head to foot. The reason being is because you actually stay cooler when you’re covered by right fabrics in these climates. Having the harsh sun on your skin directly is dangerous. So, browse through some catalogs and select something that is versatile and layerable to keep you and your bases covered at all times, no matter your present location.


Do yourself the favor now and find a great pair of sneakers and start breaking them today, way before you set out on your trip. It’s really tempting to bring fifteen different pairs of shoes, and you want to look good, but when you’re traveling, you’ll be doing a lot of walking, and comfort is far more important than having a thoroughly cohesive outfit.

Sneakers are cute and in style, so plan your outfits so that your favorite pair of tennis shoes will go with them and wear your supportive shoes everywhere that you go. You will be so thankful you did…and don’t wear sandals. You will die and your feet will get ruined. That’s enough for a PSA.

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