The Best Holiday Destinations in September

Louvre Paris

There is little you can do about that feeling that you get in September when the realization sets in that summer has gone. The fall is a nice season, the colors change, the cooler nights set it and the landscape looks very beautiful, the loss of summer however means that you usually just focus on the lack of heat and the annoying amount of leaves all over the place. The best way to remedy this? Take yourself on a vacation to either truly embrace the fall, or chase some more sunshine and here are our best destinations where you can do so.


 There is no bad time of year for you to visit Paris, it looks beautiful in all seasons and can provide the perfect place for you to get over those summer blues. The month of August in Paris is nothing short of chaotic so you will be visiting in the calm after the storm, leaving you to enjoy sights such as Notre-Dame, the Eiffel Tower and taking a Seine cruise without too many others there. A perfect city for food lovers, art hounds and those who enjoy the good life, get that flight Paris booked ASAP.

 Dominican Republic

 Sipping on a cocktail under a palm tree on a sandy white beach with the sea lapping at your toes, sounds to me like the perfect way to beat the summertime sadness and the Dominican has all of this and more. With year round heat and a paradise-like landscape, this latin influenced Caribbean country is jam packed with relaxation spots, adventurous activities and a party-like atmosphere that will provide the perfect tonic for you. Check out resorts in Punta Cana if you want to stay at the heart of this tropical isle.

 Mexico CityMexico City

 Criminally overlooked by many, Mexico City in recent years has become a cool, arty and happening metropolis that beautifully combines traditional Mexican culture such as its street food and bright colors with European-style cafes, restaurants and plazas. The weather is temporal in September although there is a light spot of rain in the afternoons. The food here is outstanding and so too are the historical areas like Reforma, Plaza de Republica and Xocalo, flights from the States are really well priced and this makes for a welcome break away from the fall season.


 September in Rome is considered the ‘shoulder season’ when the majority of tourists from the summer months have disappeared but there still remains enough to keep the buzz going in this beautiful European city. Rome is best seen on foot and as such the fall is the perfect month to do so, the temperature is warm enough for a t-shirt yet cool enough to rack up the kilometers without feeling like sitting down every 10 minutes. Here you can enjoy some incredible pieces of history, the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps, Vatican City and enjoy some of the finest Pizza and cured meats on the planet. If you’re looking for somewhere truly special this September then Rome could well be for you.

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