The Budget Conundrum; Palawan Philippines


I’m going to upfront and honest with you. I love to travel but unlike many of the other travel bloggers out there, I’m not that well off. What do I mean by that? I mean that I manage well financially but it is on more of a day to day basis. Traveling is extremely costly. It’s simple to say traveling is easy but traveling on a budget is difficult. Now there is one important feature that you may or may not have factored in… The actual size of your budget! Sadly, the size of my budget is looking more and more pathetic every day. That is very very depressing… Especially for a person like me.


I look at the other people and I wonder how the manage to do it. Maybe it’s just that I don’t have a steady income coming in. Whatever it is, I decided to scrounge and save as much as I could. It was difficult but I was able to put a decent amount of money aside. Then again, what I call decent may not be decent to someone else. All that side, I was ready to start looking for places that were budget friendly… My budget friendly that is!

That is how I came across Palawan. Most people haven’t even heard of this place. For those of you who haven’t… Palawan is a small island province located in the Philippines. Now Palawan has an interesting place that is far more popular than the island province itself… It has the beaches of El Nido. Now traveling to this location may not be cheap by many people’s standards but it can definitely be made budget friendly. How? Simply by understanding that the accommodation that you are looking at is not going to be extremely luxurious.

A lot can be helped by traveling in a group. That is exactly what I did. The amount I had to spend on accommodation decreased significantly. After all the room rate was split between two people. Makes a big difference in the grand scheme of things. Another method to decrease costs was the mode of transport. We rented a van which could accommodate all of us. After we split the costs we realized that it ultimately became cheaper than the bus ride! An added bonus was the comfort that the van offered.

PalawanWe however did spend quite a bit on the island hoping tours. Those cannot be helped but unlike many people we decided to go for the non AC version. There were two reasons for this choice. One is the most obvious, it was cheaper and the second reason was because we enjoyed the sun. After all, sitting on the side of the huge boat and letting the water splash against your skin was one of the main joys that you face when you visit a huge water body!

The Palawan turned out to be a pretty awesome experience. It also turned out to be surprisingly budget friendly. With all our extravagances we landed up spending not more than 150 USD on the five days we lived on the island. All in all a brilliant deal which did not make my wallet scream in frustration!

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