The Fiji Experience


A number of you will know me as the guy who plans budget holidays. Well that is exactly who I am. I have been planning a number of holidays for a while now but none seemed to materialize till recently. After a number of very long hours spent researching online, I decided that my next destination was going to be Fiji.

I know you are going to look at me and gape. Fiji? How could Fiji possibly fall under any budget constraints? All I say is have a little faith… Just a wee bit of faith, for I will explain everything.


What you need to remember is that every place in the world has two sides to it. The expensive one and the cheap one. The one that is advertised is always the expensive one. Fiji is well known for it’s scenic lagoons and it’s beautiful beaches. When you say Fiji, the first thought that comes to mind is luxurious hotels where the rich and the famous lounge and enjoy.

What you need to understand is that there are locals that stay in the vicinity. They aren’t all rich and not all of them can afford the same lifestyle. They still need to survive. That is why the other kind of lifestyle co-exists with rich one. Fiji has a number of home-stays in the rural parts. These are both cheap and pleasant. That is exactly what I was banking on.

Another reason why I find home-stays appealing is because you get to meet the locals and understand their culture. It gives you a better understanding of the place you are living in. You get to taste the local cuisine which is prepared by the locals themselves. That makes it so much more interesting!

I spent a while searching for the perfect home-stay. The price had to be right but the location had to be right too. You see there is one very important thing you need to understand. Traveling from one place to another costs. Finding a cheap home-stay that is very far away from the places I want to go would not help me at all. It would mean that I would land up paying a lot more on transportation than I bargained for.

FijiDid I finally go to Fiji? Of course I did. I had an amazing vacation. It was filled with a lot of good food and a lot of fun. The islands were exotic and were everything the pamphlets make them out to be. The water was clear enough for me to swim in and see the bottom. Life on Fiji was peaceful. It wasn’t very expensive but it was something that my wallet could manage to handle.

I even managed to get on some of the island tours. Sitting on the boat and enjoying the salty air was a pleasure that I wouldn’t trade for anything else in the world. Would Fiji be a place that I would tell others to see? Of course! Without a doubt! Go there and get the whole experience. It is definitely worth it!

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