Ukraine Tour


One of the most diverse European countries, travelling through Ukraine was a great experience. From the country’s cultural center in Kiev to it’s beach resorts in Crimea, and to the beautiful city of Odessa in the south, I witnessed and experienced a great deal of culture, cuisine, music, ethnic diversity throughout. The trip was very engaging and full of jaw dropping sights. With each city so different and beautiful than the previous one, there was never a dull moment during my stay in Ukraine.
I landed in Kiev, the country’s capital. I began travelling around the city and visiting some of the well known locations such as the Golden Gates and St.Sofia Cathedral. The orthodox churches placed around the city were very beautiful with their golden domes, truly showing the significance of the deep faith the country has. One of the challenges I faced was speaking with the Ukrainian people, since many of them didn’t understand English. It truly was the hospitality that the natives extended towards me that helped me throughout the tour. The ‘Mother’ Motherland statue which lies in the center of the Museum of the Great Patriotic War is an impressive sight to behold. One can almost see it touching the edge of the sky.Ukraine
Next on my list was travelling through the ‘Tunnel of Love’ – the famed 3 kilometer stretch of railway line covered by lush branches and leaves. Located roughly 350 kilometers from Kiev, walking through the tunnel brings one a feeling of inner peace. An overnight train journey brought me to the city of Lviv. I had a nice time visiting the Olesko Castle which had a beautiful park surrounding it. Next stop for me was the fabulous city of Odessa. One of the country’s foremost cities, Odessa was once one of the most affluent cities in Tsarist Russia, after Moscow and St.Petersburg. Odessa’s Ballet & Opera theater is one of the city’s prominent landmarks that I visited.
Ukraine, FoodThe city has a diverse cuisine, ranging from the Ukranian to the Southern European with Asian, Middle Eastern and French influences. Next stop – Crimea. Crimea is Ukraine’s prized gem, the peninsula that every invading army has sought to possess. Flanked by limestone plateaus, the area is home to the long exiled Crimean Tatars. Crimea is widely known for its beautiful summer palaces. Sevastapool in the south of the Crimean peninsula is one of the most organized and orderly cities. The city also happens to be the Black Sea base for the Russian Navy. I found it to be one of the most pleasant Crimean cities.

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