Vacation in Israel: New experiences in the old land


I always wondered what a travel to Israel would be like and just like millions of people who visit the country yearly, I decided to experience the history and culture of this place firsthand. Israel is very popular with Christian visitors as it holds important cities and sites that have been mentioned in the holy books. However, it can still be a good destination for any traveler looking for fun and exciting things to see. Personally, I was longing to see what’s in store in cities such as Nazareth, Bethlehem, Jericho and Jerusalem. In particular, I was interested in seeing places such as the western wall, Nativity church in Bethlehem, Garden tomb, shepherds field and the Temple Mount of Jerusalem.

During my tour, I discovered that there are many other places in Israel that can appeal to general tourists. I visited Caesarea, an ancient city located in the Mediterranean. Much of its original buildings and architecture has been preserved to date. Also, there is the Sea of Galilee that boosts of a rich historical significance. When booking your Tel Aviv flights be sure to calculate enough time to see all that this wonderful country has to offer.

jaffaBe sure to check out Jaffa, it is an ancient port city that lies on the southern part of Tel Aviv. Other notable places to visit includes the Bahai gardens in Haifa, Judean desert and Mount Hermon. Tel Aviv also has some of the best sandy beaches in the region where you can have as much fun as in any other sunny beach around the world. And Of special importance is the Dead Sea. This is a salt lake that borders Israel and Palestine to the west and Jordan to the east. It was names as the 7th wonder of the world because it lies some 423m below the sea level.

dead-seaYou can choose to visit Israel anytime you want – This is regardless of whether there is a customary event, Christian occasion or just normal times. I found that, traveling to Israel requires prior planning with a travel agent in order to enjoy your visit in an excellent manner. Tour companies in the country have different types of package tours to suit your individual needs. The best options include a visit to all major pilgrimage sites as well as other important places in modern Israel. It took me about 10 days to complete touring all these places. The cost depends on the level of comfort that you desire in the tour. If you are on a budget nonetheless, you can cut costs by choosing to guide yourself through the country. However, this requires you to have great map reading skills.

IsrealTraveling to Israel can be a lot of fun as there is so much to see. And although the country is regarded as a major religious destination in the world, it is still an exotic destination to some. Despite lying in a desert, Israel has a robust agricultural success that attracts students and research groups to see how modern agriculture is conducted. The country has natural sceneries that excite every visitor and by deciding to tour Israel, you will be embarking on a very rewarding travel experience

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